[Feedback] Chaos and Eldar balance

After playing the first pre-order beta, it seems to me like the Chaos have been unduly nerfed. Their weapons no longer vastly out-range other factions (like the Imperial Navy), and their weapons seem to be pretty lackluster in general. It will take a battleship several volleys of lances to destroy an escort, taking so long that the rest of the enemy fleet is already on top of you by the time you're done. They just need some damage increase for their long range weapons, which are their bread and butter.

Eldar Corsairs still seem very expensive for how much damage their ships put out and how fragile they are. I saw virtually no one playing as them during the beta, and I think this is why. Disappointing for us who love their play style so much! Some price reductions, and they should be good to go.

Also, the necrons star pulse is stupidly powerful and should be massively nerfed... but I think everyone is aware of that.

Thanks for the amazing game! Can't wait for the second beta!!!

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In the second beta they nerfed chaos even more. They reduced the armour piercing ability, the targets armour is only reduced to 50 instead of 25 of the first beta.

I tried to see what is the damage output of a chaos lance focused fleet in an AI battle and it was underwhleming. It took them 5 minutes and a half of focused fire to destroy an oberon battleship. 5 acherons focusing for more than 5 minutes. Only the emperor knows what a human opponent could have done in 5 minutes.

Chaos are very underwhelming now. To the point that I'm playing Smurfs. 😞

Just because they don't kill as fast as they used to doesn't mean they don't work anymore. Chaos is fine, I would put them near the bottom of the list of any factions that need work right now.

Nah, lances don't do any damage and with the meta being about moral/boarding once you get close macro fleets win the moral game.

I was under the impression chaos is still pretty strong. They can stack lots of lances at 18k range with pretty fast ships. No other fleet can deal comparable damage at such high a range.

Also, the necrons star pulse is stupidly powerful and should be massively nerfed... but I think everyone is aware of that.

Uhhh no. It's reduced by armor and has 2 min cool down, so even against 67 armor ships offensively its just less than 2 extra dps if it only hits 1 target.

Also, its the only way necrons can stop ordnance, so it can only be used offensively against fleets with no ordnance.

While it's super strong vs ordnance, you can always do what craftworld players do and just launch torps at 1.5k range so it's almost impossible to time correctly and then necrons just die to torps ^^

@cowgomoo All Necron line ships have fighters capable of gunning down ordinance.


Yeah, thats not nearly enough. 1 hanger doesn't cut it for their capital ships to stop mass ordnance.

@cowgomoo well, chaos lances have extremely range, true, but they deal very little damage. It takes 3-4 volleys of 5 acherons to destroy an escort now.

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OK. With release they nerfed lances even further. They scrapped the reload stance for lances.

Reload stance never affected lances.

@CowGoMoo , I have to disagree. In the second beta, lances were affected by the reload stance. In the release patch notes they state that this was changed only to macro weapons: "Reload stance candency bonus now only applies to macro weapons"

Reload was bugged for lances and did not work.