Hello! I recently got banned on Sandstorm. I was wrongfully banned. Could you look into this?
Basically I was playing a Co-op game with a friend and got kicked. Tried to reconnect and couldn't. So I restarted the game and still couldn't reconnect. Decided to reboot the PC and as I'm logging into my steam account I got a "account notification" whom stated I've been permanently banned by EAC. I've appealed to them and still waiting for response. I do admit to having "suspicious" files on my PC but they're not related to Sandstorm at all.
I do realize that this is out of your interest to look up and try to help me. But I swear on me mum that I havent cheated! Please look into this. If not lifting the ban atleast look into what triggered it so that I can buy a new copy of this game.