Class Caps

I love this game unfortunately most the time its not even fun because I cant even play the class i want. I feel the class caps are unnecessary especially in Coop. It ruins the game for me, I load into a server just to have to leave because i hate all the guns available. Also i have a recurring problem where i spawn with no hands its really unimmersive and would be nice to have not happen. P.S. please add private servers. Other than all that this is my favorite game.

The class caps are there for balance and definitely a important thing in COOP too. I can't believe one could "hate all the guns available". Unless you hate everything except the sniper rifles (marksman/advisor) or the tricked out Gucci Guns (advisor), in which case you indeed are out of luck.

However you should realize that this game is about Close Quarters Combat/Battle with somewhat regular troops instead of some supa-mega-special forces A-Team. So one sniper can be useful to the team if he's really, really good (especially in taking out enemy snipers before they take out anyone else in the team) but having 5 snipers clearing rooms in CQB is a recipe for disaster (especially if they are of the usual "lone wolf" archetype that sniper players tend to be). As for not everyone being able to be the Coolest Operator with the trickest Gucci Gun, who cares ? We're (or should be) here for the tactical gameplay not to bling out our virtual phallus symbols.

Edit: also, talk about it, maybe someone else isn't so gung-ho about a particular class. Also: playing multiple roles with various weapons builds diverse skills, very useful.

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