We need a better rank system

I played a dozen comp games today and in about 3 of those games I won them due to having a decent team who knows how to communicate, make call outs and most importantly, PLAY THE OBJECTIVE!. What happened those other 9 games? I got terrible teammates who chose to do nothing but sit back and let the enemy team take every obj possible while I was the only one who seemed to care about winning in this so called "competitive" game mode.

Or maybe a better matchmaking system ? Since at the moment rank doesn't seem to have anything to do with who's matched with who.

Of course a MatchMaking Rank, which may be (and in other games often is) different from the displayed "rank", is inherently related and probably should be separate for each game mode (since different modes may have different "optimal" playstyles and player who only masters one might suck in the others), anyway said rank should go up/down based on players contribution to the team performance, something along the lines of

  • team win with low contribution: small increase.
  • team lose but player is carrying the team: small increase.
  • team win with high contribution: moderate increase
  • team lose with moderate contribution: small decrease
  • team lose with low contribution: moderate decrease.