KB/M issue with Controller/GamePad

The Issue When a GamePad is connected the KB/M are Bugged and unusable. they simply have no input working.

What other users might say
"Just dissconnect the GamePad"
Well no.. I spent good money on this GamePad and I'd rather not break the USB due to wear and tear from pulling it out everytime I want to play Sandstorm.

Clarity I dont use a GamePad for FPS games I hate Gamepads for any shooter 1st or 3rd Person. I use the GamePad for only games where one is more useful to me such as Rocket League or games like The Witcher.

The GamePad(s) i've used/tested and still the same Bug has happened is Xbox 360 Wired, The RAZER WILDCAT and The RAZER WOLVERINE. If you look up the Prices in $AUD you can understand why I really dont like the fact there's no other way to play this game I enjoy without risking potentially breaking expensive Hardware.

Can this really be a hard fix?
It's a little odd how this is the only game I've come across with is Bug.

Whats the actual cause? Other games might show controls for Gamepad but only if you actually pressed a button on the Controller itself and go away when you use your KB/M again.

That's weird, I've XBox gamepad wireless one, but it's always connected via the USB cable for charging and thus is always "connected" (and indeed I see the gamepad control hints in menu).

As for unplugging the A connection (the flat rectangle, goes to computer/hub), you're very unlikely to accidentally break the connector while plugging/unplugging and they can do (usually tens of) thousands of mating cycles so the gamepad will wear down from use way before the connector does from plugging/unplugging unless you do it all-day every day. Two cycles (one cycle is disconnect and connect) per day would be high in my estimate of average real world rate, then even with the lowest promised numbers for mating cycles it would take many years to reach even that point and those numbers are always lowballed by the manufacturers, real numbers may easily be 5-10 times higher.

Of course it's annoying to unplug/replug just because one game bugs out but saying the wear on the connectors is an actual issue is a bit uninformed at best (and dishonest at worst).

Incidentally I have very similar problem with my MFG Crosswind pedals since the toe-brake axis is pulled to one direction when "at rest", some games just take that as joystick/gamepad axis input and go crazy with it. So I grumble and unplug the cable, then the next time I play something needing pedals I curse, replug them and possibly have to restart the game (which is less fun/feasible if it's ArmA and the helo is already airborne)