attention to detail (suggestions) #1

here's the (in my opinion) ''little things'' that we should have in Insurgency: Sandstorm

-switching weapons (here's how i think it should work)

  • *if you switch to a completely different weapon, you can only fire what's left in the gun.

  • if you switch to a weapon that fires the same calibre as what's left in your pocket, you get to keep all your mag (people would use this to get a weapon with better equipments in the middle of combat without having to deal with the hassle to costumize their setup and respawn).

-sharing weapon mag (if both guns (of you and people you'd share you ammo with) can fire the same calibre).

  • This has a different use compared to ammo supply drops, it is much quicker but you're very limited of the amount you can share

-only 1 hand should hold the gun when you're going prone and standing up from a proning stance

-use pistols/short barrelled guns while climbing ladders

-''live'' gunfire and explosions in voice chat radio static

-somewhat decent vehicle interaction (e.g. flat tire when shot, damage to critical module can render the car unusable)

that's all i can think of right now,
if any of you players reading this, what other ''little things'' you would like to see in-game?

New weapon (forgot the name of it, I'm sure it's 50BMG) when you full auto, the player's ears will rings and semi deaf for a few seconds