Toxicity in the community (satire)

It's come to my attention that virtue-signaling snowflake bitches cant handle harsh words in a game where you're BLOWING PEOPLE INTO LITERAL CHUNKS.

Here's a status update for you: Soldiers in the Middle East aren't refraining from swearing, or using derogatory language. THEY'RE IN A FIGHT FOR THEIR FUCKING LIVES, WITH BULLETS WHIZZING PAST THEIR HEADS. THEY DONT HAVE ANY SYMPATHY AND NICE WORDS FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO SHOOT THEM.

Watch live leak for once in your damn life. If there was a way to have every player wear a feedback vest while playing this game, and when you got shot, you felt like you got punched REALLY HARD, maybe then you'd give a shit less about what people are saying.

#FakeNews - the discussion is about spamming racial-homophobic-misogynist slurs with no community-moderated consequence. @lordsiggi is clearly triggered by such a discussion and distorting it to be about 'battlefield language'

@aslan14 I don’t know why you feel a need to be so obnoxious about this. For the past several days I’ve been seeing nothing but you and your self-righteous posts. What you’re complaining about is literally people just having fun. While you may not enjoy it, saying edgy and racist things is funny to some people. If it bothers you, that’s fine, just mute them. It’s really not that hard.
But just keep doing what you’re doing. That is, keep arguing as if you are morally right. If someone disagrees with you, just scream “FAKE NEWS”, or label them as apologists for hate. Honestly, I really shouldn’t even be this constructive, seeing how you will probably want to act like I’m not even worth your time arguing with, like how you responded to other people.

@Tooth-Decay, I appreciate that your post wasn't obnoxious in it's tone and choice of expletives, which means we may actually have a reasonable discussion about this.

I would first respond to your description of my posts being "obnoxious", whose dictionary definition is "extremely unpleasant." I request of you to do a fair analysis of my posts vs the counter-view responses. Whose posts are actually obnoxious by the definition of the word? This of course assumes that you don't mean that an expectation that this gaming platform not be used for promoting hateful views which have fuelled the genoicde and enslavement of hundreds of millions of people these last few centuries as obnoxious. Is that idea obnoxious to you? Is the request that we as a community draw a baseline of respectful behavior obnoxious? Is my tone and language obnoxious? Is it obnoxious to you that someone would persist in holding up this mirror? Or, is it obnoxious for an unmentioned reason?

When people shout racial slurs from the safety of their anonymity this is not "fun" to hear or engage with. I am not referencing "edgy comedy" - in am referencing outright explicit rhetoric. It's not fun to have to listen to ignorant drivel that led to the genocide of my family simply for the religion they were born in. It's not fun to hear baseless words whose fruits contributed to the near extermination of my wife's ancestors all across the Americas. Is it really too much to ask or expect that if people are playing this game for fun that they separate out their ignorant views that have nothing to do with gameplay? Do I have a reasonable right to politely make such a request?

Regarding calling "Fake News" - you may have picked up I was being facetious about what I perceived as a truly obnoxious post, both in language and content, which distorted the true essence of the conversation, turned it on it's head, and in a nasty fashion at that.

So, I ask you again, is it obnoxious to insist and persist that racist rhetoric has no place in this game? Is it fair to request that if you hold such views you keep them to yourself and play the intended game? Is it a request whose appropriate response is derogatory slurs and purposeful evasion & distortion?

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Oh lordy, here we go again.

Regardless of whatever "side" you may be on in regards to whether or not the tools currently available are adequate for mitigating perceived offenses, and whether implementation of alternative systems could be detrimental, it's worth pointing out that the last major thread regarding this was closed off by a community manager due to the degradation of civility.

This forum here is not Insurgency Sandstorm. There is no ability to mute other people, or block them, or hide their posts. At the end of the day, management of these posts falls on the head the community managers, and we're to adhere to a laid out TOS and the rules they set.

Keep in mind; right now, context is important. @lordsiggi, satire or not, this is bait to continue an argument. That's not cool. @Aslan14, responding to obviously laid bait is just as questionable. Precedent has been set; CMs will close and lock these kinds of threads if they go south. This one straight up opened with both barrels firing on the insults. Your method to stop this behavior isn't another equally antagonizing response, it's to flag it for viewing, and to move on.

Pretty sure this is gonna be closed off in a day or two. Please be civil. Here on the forums, consequences can manifest.

Hello everyone, I'm going to close this topic as another thread. Please keep this forum peaceful.