A True Objective-based game mode

First of all, I love the new Insurgency, it's fantastic. I played Insurgency 2014 for over 200+ hours too. BUT I feel as if I'm getting bored of the same game mode in Sandstorm.

I wish there was a true objective-based game mode. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the first to do this back in 2001.

Security Team : Offense | Insurgents Team: Defense
The Security Team must blow open a wall (only engineers can do this) to gain access to Insurgents compound. Search the compound for the secret documents, grab them and transmit the documents to HQ via radio ...BUT your team's radio is broken, you must find radio parts throughout the compound to fix the radio and transmit the documents.

The locations of radio parts change each game. So basically it's "one team offense, one team defense" . I think something like this would be really fun.

Great idea, man! I support 100%.

And could come on a DLC called Special Force, with new cosmetic and weapons, like night vision, and small cqc maps 5vs5 and the game will have new features like free look and you could drop a magazine to your friend.

Once the mod kit is released, I've got about ten game modes and tweaks in the pipeline.