Got stuck twice in comp at the same spot.. Please fix.

I will be specific about the location.

It was in Comp Precinct East(I think..), it's where the mid is a long stretch of road and Insurgent and Security can see each other from that mid. Speaking in Insurgents' perspective, A and C are on the left side of the mid while B is by itself on the right. There is also a long stretch of road right side of B from insurgents' perspective.

In that map(East or West, whatever it is), in front of Insurgents' A site, there are metal railing and some boxes available for you to get into A site through a broken wall straight into A. I got stuck there twice on the bottom on those metal railings but managed to get out one by spamming crouch and jump..etc.

If you could fix it, that would be awesome. Thank you.

screenshot would be great