Gore and blood suggestion/feedback

Although I'll be the first one to say that a war game without gore is worthless, the current status of the gore in the game is a bit too much. Shots produce a blood splatter that is too big and unrealistic.
I know that since we are lacking hit markers this is a solution to be able to know if you've connected with the intended target, but humans are not blood filled balloons and don't explode when hit by a bullet ( this is debatable when talking about headshots and high velocity projectiles, but even then, you'd see bone and brain matter with a bit of pink mist, not a gallon of flying blood)
Also, body shots usually produce a dust cloud in real life, particularly in the middle east battlefields.
Body parts will not continue to bleed after being detached from a circulatory system either.
Can this be toned down a bit to be more realistic looking? I fell like Quentin Tarantino designed this gore system...

its what made sandstorm better than other fps's.. please dont change the gore system.. in fact u can make it much gorier.. like more bullet holes on the body.. bigger blood sprays.. n more blood/wound decals.. but for a few people who cant really tolerate the gore.. maybe make an option in settings? like max gore.. min gore .. those kind of stuff

@worst-noob It's not really about a gore tolerance. it's about the gore being unrealistically gory for no reason other than to compensate for the lack of hit markers.

And if you close a door on someone their arms and legs shouldn't explode off all over the place.

You can try turning off dismemberment


Yep, I turned it off. Not because of intolerance regarding the gore. As it's now it's just ridiculous.

Anything towards more realistic presentation gets +1 from me.