Changing Bot Number in Local Play?

Sometimes I like to roleplay in Local Play, but the uneven bot distribution (three allied AI against 8 enemy) and the incompetent allied bots make the botmatches a chore instead of a tool of practice.

Is there any way to change the number of bots in Local Play? The current 4vs8 distribution feels really unfair, especially when we are forced to defend an objective. The Developer console only lets us change the AI difficulty, not the number of NPCs, unfortunately.

(Generally speaking, it would be great if Local Play received additional customizable settings in the game menu, as is the case in Insurgency and Day of Infamy.)

You can change the settings in "Game.ini" located in "C:\Users*\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient"

You can use the "Basic server setup guide" as reference:

You are my hero. Many thanks, I'll go through this doc. Please take my upvote. :3

@fbnaia Thank you for this information.

Just tried a push map with bots, 32v32. It was a little too much :DD