The low resolution textures load very slow...

It takes up to approx. 10 sec. before they are loaded completely.

The medium (and higher) res textures load in less than a second but add some significant noise to the frametimes which results in some kind of micro stuttering.

A bug?

0_1546610551193_med_low_res_textures 2019-01-04.jpg

Processor Intel i7 5820k at 4.2 GHz
Board ASUS X99 deluxe
Memory G-Skill 4x 8Gb @ 2133 MHz
Graphics ASUS Strix OC 980 @SLI
Storage Samsung SSDs 850 pro
Monitor Benq UHD @60Hz

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Am I the only one who sees this? Will it be adressed in the next update? 😉

Hey @Helsing1789,

Thanks for reporting this! I've forwarded it to the team!