Smaller grid squares for more accurate call outs

Just as the title says. I would love to see smaller grid squares on the map. 4 or 8 times smaller would be amazing.

Just add a decimal (in your head) and divide each side by 4 to get 1/16 squares (or 2 for 1/4), I guess anyone who understands grid squares at all will quickly catch on to that system or you could just agree on it before match starts

It's practically impossible to get a pick up game to use voice comms.

I don't think discussing grid square subdivisions is gonna work long term 😃

Ok, I must be spoiled then. Also not using voice coms to co-ordinate a tactical situation, wut ??

In fact one of these days I was thinking that the "nearby" coms should be always "open mic", ie auto-triggering since there is no point sending background hum when the player is not talking (of course would demand that all players had had quality mics or lack of background noise) and PTT for radio of course. In the name of realism and also possibly improved communication (or degraded if people don't learn how to communicate... "Understanding is a three edged sword")

Of course that would also demand the game VOIP being done well and having plenty of adjustment options (think Mumble advanced settings) to get the auto-triggering just right.

For a poorly done example see Star Trek Bridge Crew, which forces in-game VOIP and does not let you join a game without a working mic. The game being completely based on communication I understand this choice. If it only wasn't just so goddam awful in it's implementation (the quality sucks, there is no way to adjust anything) I would endorse it.