In-Game Currency System

It takes to long to obtain in-game currency, maybe allow $100 for every successful match played and $50 bonus for winning?bolded text

I agree that the currency is maybe too hard to get but it should be rewarding to get those currency rather than getting it handed to every game..

In skirmish if u destroy the main enemy cache all by yourself (100 credits), in firefight if you capture all of the objective , also in firefight if you are the last one and you bring back your team (100 credits), kill 5 enemies in a row without dying (100 credits)

I believe these are not so easy to do but not impossible.

Thank you

@tiberiu yea some sort of challenge system would be awesome for this game, they have the achievements but i'm already 87% done with them

Is there anything worth buying with the credits. I haven't spent any of mine and haven't really looked. I do enjoy the big red sunglasses that make for a quick headshot though. Please, everyone keep wearing those. 😂

I think u should be a ble to buy more attachments for your gun with in-game currency

@redkap said in In-Game Currency System:

I think u should be a ble to buy more attachments for your gun with in-game currency

stop trolling.

In general it might be a bit of a grind, could be a bit more Currency but not far off.

Imo the current pace is ok but maybe the amount of currency could be a bit bigger or at least it should rise as you get promotions.

@mlb7 said in In-Game Currency System:

though. Please, everyone keep wearing those.

i dont understand , how am i trolling? I am being serious.

I dont think you are understanding what I'm saying. The devs should add a bunch of NEW attachments for the weapons and NEW uniforms and make it available only with in-game currency

@redkap Ehhhhh... No. Are you new to Insurgency ? This is not some kind of Battlefield, you know. Everything is playable and available from the start, you just have to manage your supply points to get those that really are a must-have for you. Having items locked unless you have currency (real money or ingame money alike) is an aweful idea.

The "currency" you get when you level up is nothing more than cosmetic currency. It helps customizing your character quicker. That's all. They serve absolutely no purpose beside cosmetics, and should never have a direct impact on gameplay.