5v5 firefight casual mode would be a really good idea

I’ve been playing comp. Everytime I get on comp, I kinda get stressed out when my pug team and I suck... i’ll be waiting for my 5q but then I don’t want to play versus. 5v5 firefight casual would be such a nice addition

Agreed. At least a lower player count server if it can’t be 5v5.

@mr-rain yes 16 player server (8vs8)

This 100%. CS:GO was needing a casual competitive game mode to practice on, so I truly hope that NWI implements this into Sandstorm. I think this idea will also boost numbers into competitive play aswell.

Personally I think 32 player firefight servers are really bad so for me it would make sense to just make the versus 16 player firefight. 5on5 casual would probably be too casual I bet.

@snuffeldjuret In my opinion, it wouldn't be too casual. Rainbow six had good success with casual mode of comp setting. 5v5 comp can be stressful.. casual setting will be so awesome