I play with different loadouts depending on game modes and after I finished a couple rounds of competitive with some light loadouts, I went into Skirmish with a heavier loadout about 68% weight.

When I went to ADS with this loadout after running, the ADS felt different than with the lighter loadout. It felt sluggish to ADS and slushy. I’ve played ins:source so I’m used to the weapon sway mechanic, but I felt that either the sway occurs at the same time I click to ADS or there’s some added weight to my ADS.

Can someone please clarify which one it is?

If it’s because of running, I can work around that to some degree. It just feels limiting when you’re trying to stop a game-winning cap and you can’t even rely on your first shot.

If it’s because of the loadout weight, I’m not for it but I’ll just only run light loadouts in every game I play.

I removed my x1 optics and using iron sights. Upon doing so, ADS feels a lot smoother and responsive.

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