i feel as a commander, he should have the ability to switch through his different options while looking through the binoculars. Now one essential new drop that the commander can call should be some type of huge ammo crate that actually stays for 5-10mins. the ammo situation is tricky in the longer fights so having an ammo crate with a 5-10min despawn timer, also maybe precise point to drop allowing the ammo crates to be dropped in very clever spots. these crates should also come with a suprise!! free attachments!!!!! a few silencers, extended clips, laser sights, and anything else that you can slap on the side of your gun to make it more sexy. modded guns give more of a personal touch to each players gun. Last but not Least Bunker Walls. in these ammo crates it should spawn Bunker Walls, a large reinforced wall (not no rinky dink thing i can just crouch behind) with cool little shooting windows enough for 3 people to shoot out of at once. the whole purpose of these pvp walls is to be able to slam down a defense on the fly, not only for you but for your buddies too. who knows maybe you can even make plays to flank with a squad with these new pvp walls XD Bunker Walls.......Ammo crates........... i see them being dropped by a c130 flying by right now (>'.')>

i have a lot more ideas for the direction of this game let me know what you guys think of this one!!! creative minds welcome!