At the time of writing this, the old post has NINETEEN upvotes yet no official response from the development team. As it's on the no-longer-accessable area of the forum I'm reposting it here. I don't feel it would be unfair to state that the support for this is overwhelming and confirmation it has been considered or shortlisted would mean a lot to the community.
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What I am proposing here is my idea of the “ultimate” cooperative gamemode. In my mind this is the next iteration of what Checkpoint/Stronghold should evolve into.

Goals of this gamemode:

  1. Properly utilise the enormous maps. It’s taken months to create each, we need to play in every building and on every street, not fight the same fight between the exact same handful of points. The game gets stale otherwise.

  2. Each firefight needs to be unique. After a few rounds you know where the enemies will be coming from, you know where to put the MG to mow everybody down. You know where to call arty to vapourise them on the spawn. This isn’t good gameplay, this gets stale.

  3. Reduce tedium. The defences are tiresome, they have long periods of waiting holding angles. If you lose a few times, you may only play Spawn-A-B on a map three times in a row, doing the exact same thing between the exact same pieces of cover vs enemies in the exact same locations.

  4. Create an experience which is dynamic. We as players should be responding to the environment around us as a team. Rather than having swarms of AI, we need to be hit from multiple angles. The tempo of the game needs to be constantly changing, not one wave at a time as each point is captured.

How I propose to achieve these goals:
alt text

As you see above, there are 17 objectives marked on the map. Some should be capture points, other should be caches.

  • Upon setting the server up, the game chooses a spawn point at random. The game then chooses a point at random which is no closer than X distance from the spawn point which is objective 1. The game then chooses a point at random which is no closer than X distance from objective 1 which is objective 2. The game then chooses a point at random which is no closer than X distance from objective 2 which is objective 3. The game then chooses… you get the idea. Up to around 8 objectives.

  • Additionally, some objectives should be grouped with each other like in Day of Infamy, where you have the choice of which order to assault them.

  • Any objectives which do not have a human player within X distance function as spawn points for the AI infantry. Any objectives which are selected as the “next” get a triple-strength wave of AI defenders.

  • Any roads leading to the edge of the map function as reinforcement spawns for enemy technicals.

  • Enemy reinforcements may arrive on the battlefield at any time (not just when points get captured). They move toward the contested objectives and engage the players.

This makes full use of the maps which a lot of development time and money has gone into. This ensures firefights are unique. No more will you be contesting Obj A on farmhouse with a choice of field or buildings knowing exactly where the enemies are. You’ll be moving cautiously with your team as you could be ambushed from any point. When forced to defend objectives, you’re going to be in alien buildings engaging opponents from a wider variety of directions. If you still have a whole squad standing, half the squad can go blow up a cache while the other half defends a point. This reduces the tedium and increases tactical choices. This whole gamemode is designed to increase the chance of those spectacular moments when something unexpected happens and you have to improvise. When your push suddenly gets pinned down by an unexpected technical and you have to flank it or when you get a massive contact rear. It’s designed to create those moments which go away as you learn to expect them.

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