Competitive at level 1

Playing Competitive at level 1, i seriously don't undersrtand how is this even a thing and why its still in the game 3 weeks after launch

it should be restricted to level 15 - 20 , it may seem high but i think its for the better, i started at level 10 and i can tell it was early

it would be better to add a restriction related to firefight mode only, something like earn 50000 XP playing firefight

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Or just have a separate (hidden) MMR that helps to keep vastly different skill levels in separate matches, is related.

On a related note, it would be very nice to mark people as unwanted teammates, it's not that they're toxic or otherwise report-worthy, it's just that their playstyle is completely incompatible with mine. For example I'd like to take it a bit slower, maintain 360 security when advancing etc, it's a bit hard to do when half of the team is sprinting 100m ahead of you and someone is already "taking the objective" solo when their nearest buddy is 50m away still...

Remember kids; slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

I guess one reason is due to there being a level reset with the official launch.

@sogeking 1 does seem a bit low. I started playing comp at around 10. I have a ton of previous ins experience and I had a great team, but I definitely lack all the map knowledge and awareness needed to really know what I'm doing beyond playing B on every map and figuring it out from there. I do think we should at least do a level 10-15 cap, which would at least prevent all the 1-5's I saw in my placements.

NWI will never restrict it to 15-20. NWI gotta make money somehow.
Let's be responsible gamers and teach new gamers so this game grows.. Let's teach where good spots are what strategy we and the other team are using..
I've personally seen level 5 doing really well in comp. Maybe they played insurgency1 before.

Level Equals Skill

There's a reason placement matches are a thing. Someone that's incredibly new but also incredibly good will get placed at a higher rank.

Someone that's been playing since Alpha, but does incredibly poorly during their placement matches is going to have that reflected.

If you want control over the quality of your teammates, artificially restricting content to players isn't the solution. The solution is joining a clan, or having some friends join your party, else you get paired with a rando that doesn't know wtf they're doing, except several levels higher now.