Bridge Physics Gone?

Was talking with someone on Steam, and he said the bridge physics have been removed? Why was this done please?

This is "bridge_wooden". Btw.

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@digital-x Have you verified this yourself? You're talking about the minor flexing of the wooden bridge, right? I'll look for it the next time I drive over one.

Yes I have driven over it, the large wooden bridge flexes, it has the code, the smaller wooden bridge does not. Only need to look at the code to see it has gone.

Pics for proof:



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What do you mean by "small wooden bridge" exactly?

Your not talking about those little half collapsed bridged bridges you find in the bottom of ditches are you? Because why would those even flex in the first place, they are already collapsed.

If you can get one (which PS4, XBO, and PC should all be capable of doing), a picture of which type of bridge you are talking about would be appreciated.

I have said in the first post which bridge, but here's a pic.


@digital-x sad to hear this. which i guess means no more twisty bridges. 😭

alt text

i for one am not surprised at this though really. i mean when it comes to this game, the devs (or the DEV for some) always SEEM to do something for no reason other than to make things harder for modders, playability and removing features or they do listen, but then go about going overboard a bit with things. hence like the first mud fix with the original game. original mud was hard, but not as bad as people at the time made it out to be. they just never played a game like this to experience mud like that. people complained (which i still think they all over reacted imo) then pavel changed the mud to make it easier, only for the mud to become far too easy. since then the mud has always been too easy imo and i long for the day to get that original mud back. first time i played was just after release before any patches were done. i played the Plains map and thoroughly got ALL of my vehicles stuck in the big plain. i had to actually restart the map lol. anyway back on topic.
@justinlynch3 yes those "small dirt bridges" flex. or should i say they did anyway. they are not collapsed actually. they are wooden and covered with a layer of dirt, infact if memory serves me correct those were the first collapsible bridges that were made. all the bridges in the game flexed except the big steel bridges.

Yesterday I was able to confirm for myself that the wooden bridge flexing is gone. It also baffles me why the devs removed this. There was no good reason for removing it as far as I could tell. It was working fine. I mean it's not the biggest issue in the game for sure, but I wish we could get some communication on this and other issues.

Alright yea bridges like those should flex.

And I agree mud should be harder. The C-255 can go absolutely anywhere in this game, nothing stops it, and it's a truck given to you on pretty much every map outside AW.

I do remember a time myself when being careful and following trail, looking for hard ground wherever possible was VERY important. Me and my buddy was in I think the bog following a trail and decided we had to turn around. I went for a 3 point turn around. I drove forward, reversed in onto the mash and.... got stuck. I didn't try to take a big massive loop or anything, I was like 5 feet off the trail at most and I stunk right down into a bog hole, needing to get towed out by my buddy.

And I had the C-255, the same truck that's pretty much unstoppable today.

I mentioned the mud issue long ago, even started a topic on it but we never know if the developers actually read any of it, at least we didn't get a reply. The only issue with mud that I can see is that mud depth and tires digging in as they spin isn't well simulated, preventing the "getting stuck" situation that I too would like to see more often. Unless there's a rock, tree log, or slope in the way, you can pretty much crawl your way out of any mud hole, even with something like the A-968M. This super-slow crawling should be removed, at least in hardcore mode.

Edit: Adding Pavel, hoping he notices this feedback. @Pavel

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