(coop) enemies not hit when they have the barrel showed in their stomach ?

Youtube Video

This is the first time it seems to happen to me but my friend complains about it quite often. Our hypothesis is that the bullets leave from the end of the barrel (as is correct, some games do it differently that's why I specify it) but if the barrel can clip through the enemy model then they will not get hit with the bullets in these close encounters.

So do we just suck at this or is there something like above going on ??

It's quite possible in this video the enemy wasn't hit at all. I see the bullet holes in the wall but no blood, and it's not clear to me if there actually was a proper hit, though i believe you hit his bag at least. The gun animation is quite jerky and might indicate the character being hit by melee combat or trying to lower the gun because the enemy is too close. It's the same mechanism that makes you lower the gun when approaching a wall (sit at a wall and fire - you'll see the bullets go to the floor to where the gun points). Because of this i think it's unlikely the barrel going through him is the reason for not hitting him.

If the model collision moves the gun out of the way like it does with walls that would definitely explain why these close encounters tend to end badly for us 🙂 Though in that case I would change the collision handling to not move gun out of the way and simply stop movement since with enemies we want to poke them with our barrels.

Your gun isnt facing the enemy if the animation moves it away, this makes longer guns worse for accidental close engagements and itll probably come down to “whos gun is shorter?”

Backpacks don't have hitboxes.

Happens all the time... Downside of longer weapons .. barrel is behind enemy if he stands to close .. as you suspected .. makes sense ..
Adjust your positioning in cqb or use different guns/pistol..

It's not just barrel length or bad positioning. Bot's seem to have the unfair advantage, because this "rule/feature" of your character putting his gun to the side/up doesn't seem to apply to the Bots.
Happened to me enough to see a pattern there.
And you can't just back off or anything because you move the same speed backwards/sideways, if not slower, so you can't really escape the hug. Changing weapons is also too slow to change the situation in your favor.
Oh, and the bot's aiming and locating ability is increased by a ton, the closer they are to you, they instantly know where you are and blast you away.

Watched it in slow-mo, clearly blood-spatter, so not sure exactly what happened there, probably the same ol' server prioritizing the bots over players and on the bot's "screen" it wasn't where your round was fired at the time it was fired.

I think a bayonet on the end of our guns would solve this problem. 😄