An idea about improvements in customization system and a question about in-game physics.

I was wondering if devs could add side scope attachments to customization options, would be cool to play with two scopes and being able to change it fluidly in-game would be great in my opinion. About game physics I was wondering if there is any richocheting in game. If there is, it's a cool detail but if there is not, that might be great if you guys could add it. I wonder what people who plays the game thinks about these too. If you guys agree with me maybe devs might hear what we say huh 🙂 I wrote this to steam community and a few people seemed to be interested in side scope attachment idea as well. Would be great to see it in-game.

What do you guys think about it ? Is it worth adding or would it be too unbalanced or just simply not necessary ?

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WHY MORE GEAR IS NOT NEEDED IMHO: Its a pasta I made earlier in the now closed forum section..
When I equip a 2x, it feels like I have sniper capabilities to quite a far distance without the disadvantage of getting tunnel vision by using a higher zoomed scope. At the same time as you mention my capabilities of clearing a room goes down, and I would either need to practice hip-fire to a great extent or be careful when approaching cqb objectives. In a pvp firefight some objectives will be better suited with a 2x than other ones, and if I am last man standing or need to approach an objective with cqb, maybe I would need to take into account that I would need to resupply without a scope or outsmart enemies by positioning myself in a way that my 2x will not put me in great disadvantage - Maybe also using a well placed frag or prefire through some walls or at some corners - This challenge makes the experience more thrilling and gives me the awareness that by thinking about my tactics in new ways and practice difficult scenarios gives me room to improve because the game will limit some options by my choice of equipment - During time, I will have preferred loadouts that may vary between maps and is one of the reasons I like games that forces the player to practice their skills and make choices with consequences to viable strategies. This creates incentive for players to choose different loadouts based on maps, personal skill and the role you would like to fill in the specific game you are joining. Games trying to fill a niche will always have players who have not yet found preferred strategies in several situations until it clicks and you get that - Aha, if I did this or that the next time it would have worked out better. The prize paid will always be that it is possible to never find the best strategies for some people and feel like the game mechanics are not optimal - The reward of finding solutions to the challenges created by not making loadouts that works great in all scenarios is a great feature in my opinion.

It would be realistic to be able to toggle the external 2x zoom on the 2x reddots etc, but it definitely would change the balance of choosing 2x vs 1x a ton (the toggleable 2x probably should be 3-4 points or something)

I totally agree with you about how game experience is just great and balanced as it is yet what I proposed was just an idea regarding how to make gameplay more fluid or more immersive because of the way you handle the guns. Again I think that immersion that game creates is perfect and shouldn't be spoiled cause I love the game mechanics and all the limitations it puts. But maybe if they limit the side scope attachments with certain classes and certain points and maybe even for certain zooms in my opinion it'd just be a cool thing to see in Insurgency Sandstorm. That's my opinion anyways


I think limiting it to certain classes as you suggest seems like a cool idea. This class could be limited in other ways to compensate for their allround ability by only providing bolt action + pistols or something similar to limit their dominance and popularity as class. - Also only certain zooms would be a must imo.

Points is a good mechanic on paper, but when you realize the point system must both satisfy veterans and new players alike to not feel to barebone for new players, the amount of points is extremely high ( I never use armour and rarely scopes and my main goal is low player weight almost always) Competitive Insurgency 2014 gamemode did this right imo but feels bad for new players right. - So in casual game mode point system is broken for seasoned players (not saying that is a bad thing, just that balancing with points just don’t cut it as I see it).

The pattern from Insurgency were classes like machine gunner was always filled last (in a typical skirmish 16v16) or most secs used m4 and most insurgents mostly used akms are examples of opposites where some classes lack specialization or the class weapons are unpopular, and it’s probably difficult to balance this so everyone is content.

Or in day of infamy where sniper class and smg classes both kicked ass in their respective field, but had all been allowed access to that gear, it would have been a different game.