Fire support and reflect damage COOP

I call in support, warn team of location and usually give rough ETA. Team mate runs into fire support and gets me killed from reflected damage. And no, I dont call it in 'danger close' or right on top of the team like others.

I can understand reflected damage when its direct LOS, when I am pulling the trigger on another player. But with fire support its not my ability thats put into question its the poor decision making of the rest of the team, or usually just one usual suspect.

I would like to know if others who enjoy the Commander roll have found this is an issue too.

Also id^H^H peeps running in after I've called that I'm fragging a room etc. I'm not sure the damage reflect is even a good way to discourage team killing and other similar stupidity.

So how about that votekick instead ?

Completely agree, votekick is a better system especially if you run into the same trolls. I wouldnt even mind if it was just shooting damage that was reflected. But when its so indirect it feels like you get punished for someone elses mistake.

Its a good thing they snuck that in with the release build and dont even have any options to turn it off on your own servers.