A random player feedback

1 . SO MUCH pain trying to jump through a Windows or using a bipod and while you look at this f******* badly made obstacle you alway take an Headshot
2 . Jumping above something take half an hour, i just because when i saw the grenade i tried to jump above the wall next to me but : half an hour later when the grenade detonated, i was stilll in the middle of the animation
3 . I never saw anyone destroy an heliciopter, they are just annoying and delay the round
4 . Advisor ... Why ? They have absolutely no use ... i can understand the reason for all of the classes in the game ... except this one ! They usually don't take any grenade and only upgrade theirs weapons, they also usually play solo and since they have the best weapon (really the best) they are just playing Call Of Duty ! The only other use are when there is no sniper available, they take an Mark 17 or a SVD with a 4x to replace it, then you have 10 player (2 snipers and 3 advisors for each team) who are playing as sniper, nobody is playing objective with this composition. I can understand the use of snipers as their presence can be really usefull in some case, but so much sniper is killing the game.
5. P E N E T R A T I O N is also painfull, yes it may be realistic in some case ... but when you got spray by an MP7 (4.6x30 mm) through 20 cm of concrete 😕 The doubt is present in my mind (Yeah good ammunition but still ...) . Plus if one day (it will probably happens) wallhack come to the game ... it will be Hell

I will try to keep it updated by adding all the things that bother me

Possible solution (I'm not just here to complain, i also want to offer solution) :

1 : No real solution except some correction from the devs
2 : Some kind of quick jump/dive to get to the other side faster with a pennality like unable to shoot or heavy stamina cost
3.1 : Lockable launcher for Demolitions and limited flares for helicopter, so after a few rocket he will go down
3.2 : Does shooting at them really make anythings ? I saw people spraying in the air without any effect, maybe make it more sensible to bullet ?
4.1 : Just delete it
4.2 : No weapons superiority and a real effect in battle (not just riflemen under steroïd)
5. I don't know how about penetration in the game : Does it take caliber into account ? Does it take distance into account ? Why are windows the hardest things in the game ? and a lot of other question

P.S : Oh and i really like the game btw, just pissing me off a lot sometimes

I like penetration, not sure how well it's actually modeled here (go check out the videos where ShacTac people test ArmA3 ballistics models, heavy mgs are scary because nothing short of actual armor plating or those meter thick sand barricades will stop them) but if done realistically it's very good to have.

Possibility of wall-hacking is not a good reason to make it less realistic IMO

@undefr I will agree jumping and vaulting can be quite messy and fumbly but disagree with the choppers as they are quite useful and I see them being taken down very often. Sometimes it’s rpgs doing the job very quickly with one well placed shot or even just bullets. If even a decent sized group of people all unload their guns at a chopper it really doesn’t take that long to make the chopper take off and not come back but this group of people need to hit the heli and the pilot will even let the commander know that it’s taking off as it has taken to much damage..

@undefr I like the advisor class and usualy use it when I feel like being a little more of a special ops kinda guy (lone wolf) using a silencer and making more stealthy plays to flank people. Oh and I will just mention as an advisor I still very much always play the objective!

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Idi^H^H^H people not knowing how to play advisor (or marksman) is not a reason to remove it, though I usually play commander since no-one else does I like advisor as well (alpha-ak with foregrip, laser and drum magazine ftw). And here is a random guy that was playing advisor (I think) with SVD but instead of being a lone sniper and not contributing to the objective he's clearing them left and right, here saving out bacon on the last objective.

Youtube Video

I think the Advisor, like Commander, Marksman, and Gunner are more advanced roles than the other classes as their specialty can really come in handy for a team.

Similar to @planetcanada, I like to play it a as a special ops forward flanking role, where I can use my suppressor to sneak behind the enemy and if I go down to communicate to my team what I saw of the enemy defenses. I also use Advisor as a jack-of-all trades class - for example, when I recognize a gap in my team, whether we have ineffective marksman, too many flankers and stay-backers, not enough explosive power, lack of cover fire, improper use of smoke, etc, I adjust my loadout dyanmically to reflect what the team needs and try to fill the gap.

It's one of my favorite classes to play.