No-Go Zone in Push

Am I the only one who has problem whith the no go Zone when defending the point in Push ? Most of them don't make any sense : Exemple :Push Insurgent on Precinct : Once you must defend objective delta (the market), the no go zone block most of the East Zone, but not the North Zone, I block most of the building at the East of Delta and prevent the defender to defend them, it is then extremely easy for the attacker to get a good "grip" on the point because the defender don't have that much place to defendthe East

Restricted areas really need a revision. Like you say, on some maps, areas close to the objective is out-of-bounds for some reason while others aren't.

Personally I'd like to see them, if not entirely removed, then at least massively down-scaled. Maps feel way smaller than they really are because so many routes are blocked off to restricted areas.

This is in coop but very egregious case, can't clear a building that is next to the objective 😞

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