Ive made a few threads, most of them I try to be objective and try to approach problems in the game, I see a lot of other threads like this as well. This is the official forum for the game and is the one we should be using but for some reason I cannot recall even one staff made post on any thread besides a “this topic has been closed” that appears on the threads that are obviously malicious.

Is there a reason the developers literally never answer, is there a reason it feels like my feedback doesnt mean anything? Theres a lot of glaring balance issues that I feel need addressing and theres a lot of things that I feel hold the game back as a whole but if making a well written thread is not only going to be ignored in favor of another “waa microtransactions waa” or “easy anticheat stole my credit card information so please remove it” thread, then I just dont even see the point of bothering. Not to be rude if youve made a thread like that, im sure what youve said in it is valid but there must be more than one hundred of them by now, and none of them ever get answered either.

Really, whats the deal?