Darkening screen

My screen gets darker when I'm looking at certain areas of the map, in pretty much every map. Then I can't see shit and I get shot in the dick.

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This occurs to me pretty frequently when playing! For now the fix I have found is to pause and unpause the game a few times, usually does the trick. However it would be nice to see this fixed!

The screen will get dark at random and requires the game to be paused (ESC) to fix. I can't say I know what makes this occur, or what maps it happens on, but I do experience this quite often.

@dorkasaur usually happens when I'm looking down either red dots or holo sights.

I experienced this again yesterday, after the effects of a flashbang my screen was darkened. It seems to go against the gamma level I set in the settings.

I experienced this first time today, respawned in a room, very dark, double-tapped esc for pause/unpause and it normalized. 2xGTX1070 in SLI in case it matters (in Star Citizen some graphics bugs only manifest in SLI setups).

Ok, happened a whole lot today in refinery, when looking through reddot (multiple places but especially when defending the roadblock), double-esc solves it for the moment.

I have NVidia instant replay capture but need to edit and upload it.

Yeah this is quite an annoying problem. I think its some sort of dynamic lighting issue. When you walk into a dark area or shade the entire brightness of the game will start to lower. Its cool and all but the problem is once you step away from those dark areas the game doesnt readjust the brightness leaving everything pitched black even when staring at the sun.

This issue is caused by our auto-exposure settings and needs to be tweaked out by our level designers.

If you spot place where it is getting too dark over time please post a screenshot with debug Location Overlay enabled (under Game settings).