Performance issues with planets

I run this game with a Nvidia GeForce 945m. I can run this game on high settings just fine (around the area of 30-40 fps) but the game just chugs to a near complete stop (down to almost 3 fps) when the camera is pointed at any planet (which in the tutorial is nearly always because Cadia is huge). This happens at every graphics setting. Does anyone else get this issue?

Damn that sucks 😕 I did not experience similar issues but I am running a 1060.

Seems pretty weird that it only happens with planets in the background. I wonder what may cause it.

I had talked to my buddy who used to work in game development and he thinks it might be caused by a memory leak that has to do with the planetary graphical assets.

Hi Yehp, planets in the game use very complex shaders that can be very hard on the GPU, you said you have a 945m its a laptop card, can you give us your full hardware specs ?