terrible optimization!

Honestly, Ive been waiting for this game to come out for a while, but im really disapointed. My rig isn't the best but can definetly run highend games on high or medium settings. Nonstop stuttering ingame even with an ssd, graphics on high still look weird. The first insurgency was the best. I always had above 100fps. But, I know this new one is supposed to be an improvement on the graphics anyways. I just really want to play but can't since its so intolerable.

If you have multiple monitors have task manager "performance" tab open with the GPU stats in the background and check the "dedicated GPU memory" pressure, if it's running close to your GPU max memory there will be some weird swapping and stuttering. I've dropped texture qualities quite a bunch (running at 1440p resolution) because of this.

Weirdest thing is that it used to work fine in 4k and very high quality about a week ago but two days ago started stuttering like hell with those settings (don't have the exact old settings written down, sorry). I've got dual 1070 (with hb-bridge) and the second GPU is basically idling so maybe the game can't use the SLI to it's advantage (anymore?) for some reason.

It still looks great though.

My friend who lives in Tokyo (I live in Helsinki) complained that the game was running super poorly until he dropped the quality way-way down, he's got quite good i7 processor and can't remember what GPU exactly but I guess it's about the GPU memory pressure with him too, we just didn't investigate it further right then because there was gaming to be done during the time we both are awake.

I hope they fix it soon, because you shouldn't need a $1000+ rig to play a 20 dollar game. Even for those who have the expensive systems still suffer. The creators should listen to the players feedback.