[BUG] I can recreate the dark Gamma bug

Map: Summit East
Location: Rubble (next to the bridge)

I don't have a video recording setup, so i have taken a series of screenshots.

This dark gamma bug happens every time i ADS in this location.
The bug also happens on other maps, but in the middle of a game its hard to remember exactly where and when it happened.

I have also had instances where the bug goes much darker than this, but this is the only one i can recreate.


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@kraeyq nice, is that also location based?

@reeceaus It is based on the light level in the center of the screen.

To me this looks like a bug with adaptation.
If someone is familiar with the ENB Series or ReShade, you might have seen this.
They seem to be very slow in Sandstorm. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this bug.

I (and alot of other if not all players) can quickly reproduce this bug by pressing escape to go to the menu and then back. Depending on where i looked when going to the menu the brightness is being adjusted differently. This can also be used to readjust the brightness if it becomes to bright or too dark, and might even be abused to see better.

Interestingly this bug didn't exist in the Alpha (at first) but got introduced somewhere along the way and got worse over time. It's so promiment now that NWi is surely going to fix it soon.

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Bump. Still happening.

Pinging @chaton for visibility, since apparently not much past the front page of issues gets a response.

Hey @JoeK5142,

Thanks for that! I'll pass it on to the team!