Lasers should be visible in smoke!

A nice feature to add to the incredible realism in this game would be to make laser sights visible in the smoke. It would be a nice counter to the laser sight because it's difficult to see laser sights from the other team.

The effect would look like this:
alt text

This feature has been suggested on these forums before, however I made a new post so I wouldn't necro the old one.

Sounds good to me. Would be really cool.

I don't know about incredible realism though. It takes three 5.56 rounds to knock a window out of a house but I can tap it with the barrel of the gun and break it no problem. 😂

A +1 for visible laser beams in smoke, dust, mist and so on. 😀

And now I'm going to find the incredible realism in this game... seems I missed something during the last several hundred hours of playing... 😂

Attached laser-sight and not wearing mask -- noob mark 🙂

Yes , i support this idea !

And no, there is no incredible realism in this game. There might be just a few things that come close to realism.
But i like the game as it is.
It just needs some little improvements and here and there and some important supplementing like a voting system to be able to kick Teamkillers off the server.

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does nwi want to even make the laser show