[BUG] Rank resets to zero and progression/stats are locked after Steam Username change - SOLVED (Server Issues are the cause not Steam Name)

So I was playing away enjoying the game and got to Level 32. Then I altered my Steam username, with the game already running. This name change was reflected in the next game, and all was running as expected.

However; after exiting the game and launching again a couple of days later, my rank states '--' and I am no longer earning any points/stats/credits. It seems the steam username change has interfered with my stats and reset me to zero. In-game it still reads as rank 32 on the scoreboard, but when viewing profile there are no statistics, and I am not rewarded any points at the end of a game.

I guess I will never get my black bump helmet now 😢

Anyone had this issue before and know of a fix. I've verified my files and all the usual things.

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It's nothing to do with the name change. The servers look like they are resourced starved for whatever reason. It looks like the EXP and ranking updates... just really slowly. I waited after playing a game for several minutes before I saw the EXP that I earned for a game.

Cheers @Kraeyq . I've since seen that there have been server issues so the name change was not the cause of my issue. Seems it was working fine for a bit earlier but has returned to / data again in the past hour.

Oh well. At least the ranks/points do eventually populate.