Install Issues

Hi all,

Just picked up I:S and I'm having a hell of a time getting it going.

D/L on Steam no worries, all installed, everything is happy. I went to run the game, the splash screen came up with a bar loading up the Anti-Cheat and bang BSOD.

Upon restarting my PC, Steam no longer recognises the game install. I had to switch drives it was on (was originally on my SSD but Steam wouldn't re -"recognise" it as I didnt enough space to "install"). Upon switching to my HDD and "re-installing" the game, Steam recognised it again and I hit Play. Splash screen, Anti-Cheat loading bar and pow BSOD.

Restarted PC, again Steam has lost the game.

I attempted to re-install the anti-cheat within the game files to no avail. I've not had a BSOD in a very long time so my system doesn't like something going on here.

Specs as follows,

Galax 1070 EXOC

If anyone knows what's going on here, drop me a line. It's unplayable so far.

What error did the BSOD show?