Play area boundaries feel too arbitrary

The playable area feels extremely arbitrary and random on some maps, where I get constantly surprised by the message popping up. This did not happen in the previous game. Of course, this problem will fade with more playtime on the maps, but on top of the aforementioned problem, it also feels too restrictive for defenders.

In my last match as a defender on Refinery, I ran back towards C to a good spot after losing B and could stay there for several minutes (it was on the right side from the defs POV, between several black containers), eventually rotating left through the big hall towards the street. After respawning, I wanted to replicate this play but suddenly I could not move to this place anymore (we didn't lose C during all that time). So on top of already being more confusing than in the past, it even seemingly changed without a change in the objective.

All of this just makes the boundaries seem random and arbitrary and I just did not understand the change after my death, when I suddenly couldn't move out more than ~10m ahead of the capture point. There were even boundaries within rooms, which is just super irritating.

I feel like this is a huge problem and needs some revisiting. The boundaries should be more tied to objects in the game world so they are better telegraphed and in some cases I think they should be a bit less restrictive for defenders.

I again just had super irritating boundaries on Precinct Push (defender as security). I ran through an unplayable area (running back from C after losing it) around D (inside buildings). I came across 3 enemies who didn't see me at first. Due to being in a red zone for too long, I couldn't shoot, but one room further, there was suddenly a playable spot again, so I ran back into the room where the 3 enemies were, killed them while I was allowed to shoot in a red zone. Then when I wanted to go back to that playable spot again, it suddenly didn't work anymore, so I had to run back much further into another room.

I really do not understand how the red zones work in this game and how there can be this seeming randomness.

As someone who loves to play roamers, this is extremely irritating 😞

I agree they're a bit weird, sometimes trying to flank a point leads to a red area even though it's the most direct flanking route I could find.

Not really sure why they even exist ? To force people to focus on the objective, they should do that anyway...

And here I can't clear a building next to the objective some of us are moving through...

It needs to at least be marked on the map where you can and cannot go, ideally with the enemy's area shown in a different color so you can adapt without hours of gametime on each map.

A visual queue in first person, like a red line on the ground, would be another option, but might detract a bit from the experience.

I think some radio static or something when you get close to the boundary could help. or you could just have immersion killing VR walls. (Red barriers that appear, looking like something out of virtual reality.)

This is my main issue with the game, really kills the enjoyment.

Map and spawn placement should fix this problem.

Restricted areas are not a solution to the problem of spawn killing and flanking.

Proper spawn distances, and route control, are the solution.

How is flanking a problem ? Maybe I completely misunderstood what you mean here but IMO flanking is just sound tactics...

Spawn killing of course is since people can be real assholes in general and especially when competing for fake internet points. But even then it's a matter of distance and having multiple covered routes out of spawn and then restricting the enemy from coming way too close (inside the closest cover) so spawn campers can be flanked and gotten rid of.

Just remove them or move them back so they only block areas with LOS to spawn. If your teammate wants to be an idiot, it's not the game's job to make them be an idiot somewhere else. But if someone wants to take an alternate position or route to break up the monotony of running straight at the point every life, the game shouldn't stop them. Flanking is a legitimate tactic that shouldn't be punished by the game.

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