detection icon clarity suggestion

0_1546279049220_detectionstealth.jpg stealth
0_1546279068267_detectionblip.jpg a blip
0_1546279079878_detectiondetetcted.jpg or detected
all look mostly the same
blip being the clearest because the question mark is above the common eye symbol all have
the cross being behind the eye and all of them having the same color and more importantly background color makes it not great for recognising a ships status at a glance
might i suggest
0_1546279232548_detectionstealthsuggestion.jpg for stealth
0_1546279248303_detectionblipsuggestion.jpg for blip
0_1546279263575_detectiondetetctedsuggestion.jpg for detected

😕 i know my paint skills arnt great, but its just a concept sketch
have it more like a closed eye with black background for stealth
same as current but grey background with black eye white question mark for blip
and white background and clearly open eye for detected making it really catch attention with its color as it should because a detected ship is the type that needs most attention

its mostly about the background color
as its always the first icon, that alone will make it a lot clearer and faster to read

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Have my upvote sir, ms paint ftw 😉