Bring back Insurgency's damage system

Ok so the damage system received quite a few updates, but none of them helped to make it feel like the old Insurgency (or to put it in other words: realistic).
The current damage system is utter crap, where even a 7.62x51 sometimes takes 2 shots to kill. 5.56 is always 2 shots if not 3. And we haven't even talked about bullet penetration, which is pretty much non-existent.
Guns irl are lethal, why aren't they in this game like they were in the old one? Especially with this crazy bot AI you don't stand real chance against the aimbot equipped bots.
I've had numerous attempts trying to kill a bot, but apparently he takes 2 shots I take 1.

In short, bring the old Insurgency game's damage system back, where 5.56 is lethal to the torso, no matter what.

The bots are good and hard, the AI is amazing. Get head shots and they die with 1 bullet.
I think it is perfect the way it is.
They do get a bit unrealistic at times with their Molotov head shots, but it isn't too bad.

Please for the love of god, do something about the damage system. Last time I noticed 7.62x51 (for the SCAR-H for example) still take 2 shots to kill on an unarmed target.
I had a haji staring at the wall while we were defending, so I shot him in the back and hit his scapula and you guess it, he didn't die. I could actually see the bloody bullethole in his back through my scope.
I cannot emphasize that this is not the Insurgency we had back then.

I think we posted at the same time and I didn't see your comment. I've addressed the issues with the bots in this thread:
There are plenty.

IMO these bots aren't any good and they are not hard, they are just impossible. You can't feel that you're fighting against a soldier, since their aim is most of the time so off and then all of a sudden you get a headshot. That compared with the current damage system, you can't finish a round without ever being killed unless you're super lucky.

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