Suggestion: Adjustment to "Elite" Bots

On Dec. 21st, "Elite" enemies were added to PVE on both SEC and INS teams. Behaviorally, they're just normal bots, but can deploy with better weapons, grenades, and armor. Insurgent Elites typically deploy in full Cheeki Breeki regalia, whilst Security deploys elites wearing full tacticool gear and such.

The specific issue with this stems from the fact that the Elites are in some instances no different, or end up more noticeable than their regular counterparts. Their higher quality equipment doesn't tend to make a difference either, considering the high lethality of weapons, regardless of caliber or tier.

The Issue w/ Behavior Changes
Currently, Bots are in a pretty good spot right now. During the closed Beta, and I assume also the Closed Alpha, bots have repeatedly jumped between toddlers and terminators with AKs in terms of difficulty. Making Elites cook grenades, use impacts, or zero in on players even faster is a quick way to open old wounds, especially when current players are lamenting bot difficulty and molotovs across the Steam and Focus Forums already.

That being said, the only behavior changes I'd recommend as changes for elites is to make them STFU. Elites will not respond to intimidate options, and only speak when Shot, Suppressed, Calling out your position, Confirming a kill, or spotting explosives.

By default they will normally opt to quiet walk when on OBJ or Flanking, and use suppressed weapons.

The Solution
My solution to the elites is similar to the Suicide Bomber alteration: Rather than make the elites "better", the idea is to change them so that they rely on human error to get their kills, and test players' attention to detail, thinking under duress, and map knowledge.

What I'm really talking about is putting AI in pieces of the other team's clothing and outfits to screw with players. Some things won't change, like the faction's Headgear, Body Armor, and Rigging, which will help perceptive players retain their edge in a tough situation.

Changes to Security Elites
Security Elites have are now listed as "Contractors", and wear plainclothes. Their uniforms are thusly adjusted for their ability to go under cover.

Headgear: High Cut Variants, Fleece Cap, Baseball Variants
Eye Protection: Tactical Glasses or Insurgent Shades
Tops: T-Shirt Plain, Flannel Variants, Button-Up Variants, Polo Plain
Bottoms: Jeans, Cargoes
Footwear: Lightweight or Standard Issue
Hand Protection: Soft or Hard Knuckle Gloves

Changes to Insurgent Elites
Insurgent Elites are now listed as "Veterans", and have been a part of revolutions and uprisings before, or may have deserted their nation's security, military, and police forces. They dress with camouflage elements in their uniform, and use surplus military apparel in addition to what they can scavenge in field or from enemy positions.

Note: Veterans will not spawn with Blouse & Trousers: Only one or the other.

Headgear: Black / Dark Color Keffiyeh Variant
Eye Protection: Tactical Glasses or Shades
Tops: SEC Blouse, Track Top Black, Solid Color Hoodie, Button Up Variants, Striped Button-Up Varaints, Solid Polo
Bottoms: SEC Trousers, Cargoes
Footwear: Standard Issue
Hand Protection: Leather, Fingerless, Hard Knuckle
Camouflage Patterns: Default Woodland, Digital Forest, DCU, Desert Rocks, Desert DPM, Flecktarn, Tigerstripe, Digital Flora, Chocolate Chip

End Effect
As a result of these changes, enemy forces will look a little less distinct in PVE, and further test a player's ability to perceive their environment without bumping up bot aggression, accuracy, or equipment usage to a point of being impossible to deal with.

Any opinions or suggestions are welcome!

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