Suggestion: (COOP) Defending the point

Points should be possible to defend very near it.

Currently it's just ON the point and not on the immediate area near the objective.

For example, upstairs of the area viewing the point is not the objective area and it's very often ignored by the players because you don't get points for that. Tactically it's very important to cover that area as well and not only be on the area that is exposed.

Please, please expand the area to defend to the surroundings as well as it's immensely stupid to just sit at the center of the market to get that point.


Or not being able to take cover behind a wall that is right next to the market and has an opening to the market one can use to cover 1/4 of the area. It's not just the objective ticks for fake internet points but also if you are not in the open but 1m away in a tactically way more sound position you are no longer defending the objective from enemies and it can end in a very sudden loss when the one sacrificial lamb running around in the market gets downed.