Comander Class used by low level players

After I play 171 hours Insurgency on 19 days, from december 13, I note that there are many low level players that take Comander class for play, but they have not idea yet how game it is and how use these class. So I propose to dev-team not alowed the players that have under level 20 or 30, to take and play Comander class.

How about just talking about it (does the chat work in the class-selection screen?)... Also what if the team only has low ranked players ??

If using force like this is "the only way", then the a lot better approach would be forcing the highest-ranking player to be the commander, they should be the most qualified afterall...

In coop it seems just about no-one ever wants to take commander, so I take it just so that we have one...

When I see that I offer to be the observer and walk the new player through the commander role. Most of the time the offer is accepted and welcomed, and I get to teach new commanders not to smoke the objective they're defending. 😇

On a side note, there has been a decent amount of recent discussion about the increasing toxicity of the community. One way to fight that is for veteran players to be welcoming and helpful towards new players. There will always be people who just don't know how to deal with people but, generally speaking, people will behave in a way that matches the way the community presents itself.

Rank equals Skill
Shooting Skill equals Skill at calling fire support

Point one: There have been god-awful players around since Alpha. Just because you ground your way through enough levels to finally use an advertised feature doesn't mean you'll be competent...leading into point two.

EVEN IF, you are a billy badass, and make it to rank 20/30, that doesn't mean you'll be a competent commander. In fact, you may be less keen to go play commander since you have no experience with it whatsoever, and have already developed favored classes, weapons, attack routes and other habits. Additionally, if level is important in this case, let's also point it how bad it looks when a level 30 is struggling with commander competence and principles like "You can't mark a spot through smoke", and just ordered a gun run on your defensive line.

Don't get upset that a lower ranked player is learning game mechanics and a new class. Either give them some advice or stay away from their fire support call-ins. If they do a bad job, then "Oh Well". It's a learning experience for them. At least they had the balls to step up and pick a useful team role. If you think you can do better than him, then take the role and do it.

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