Damn this game has become expensive..

New CPU.. New MorherBoard.. New PowerSupply.. and tomorrow going to buy 2 more sticks of 8Gig lol Jesus.. Not to mention I bought two copies of the game because I have two steam accounts and wanted to support.. Didn’t really think I’d need a NASA PC 😂.

Welcome to the wonderful world of UE4. It’s great engine but it’s really thirsty.

Hopefully game performance will increase in the near future.

Knowing how it was with Insurgency Source, they’ve had performance issues for years and continued patching it over time. Granted different engine and so-on but it’s something to keep in mind.

@mr-rain Haha ya for sure. I’m sure it will get better with time I’m just kind of hoping it happens a little quicker than it did with Source lol.

Or else there is "Shadow tech" for 30€ per month