Please quit beating around the bush about microtransactions

I'm really getting tired of this "we may sell credit packs" nonsense. Are you going to put microtransactions in the game or not? Yes or no. None of this maybe, may, we're thinking about it. Yes or no, please. I'm sick to death of developers stringing me along.

I'm even more sick of how effing invasive microtransactions have become. It's bad enough they have to be in every damn game now, but it's insulting that developers string people along with vague, nondescript answers. I don't support pay2play games with microtransactions. It's the worst thing to happen to this industry by far, and I find it scummy to the highest degree when developers sell a game without MTs and then just patch them in later to avoid backlash.

Sell some cosmetic DLC packs for $5 if you must. None of this buy our virtual monopoly money meant to disguise the fact that you're paying exorbitant amounts of money for digital stuff bullcrap.

They have said micro-transactions will be purely cosmetic.
i understand if you are anti-microtx, but why are you ok for paid DLC? it's the same thing.

@reeceaus Difference between buying directly and buying indirectly.

Premium currency only serves one purpose: To obfuscate the actual value (or lack thereof) of the things you're buying. Not to mention they're manipulated so you always end up with a small amount left over after a purchase, so you'll be inclined to buy more. Or you can only buy in fixed amounts and the amounts are always just shy of what you need to get the thing you want, so a $5 item will actually cost you $8 since you can't buy the exact amount you need.

Versus just having DLC packs of cosmetic items where you pay a set price and know exactly what you're getting. I get that developers can't, nor should they, work for free, but I'd much prefer to just directly purchase things I want instead of all the shady manipulation that goes into microtransaction currency.

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Well-said, thanks for clarifying in response to Reece's comment.