the state of the community

while yes we don't have a vote kick system and it is a shame, the community itself is probably in the worst state right now. you have people complaining that the game is dead and ruined because no one plays the objective and are just being toxic and there is no vote kick system but there is a penalty for trying to get revenge. The game right now isn't in the best state but that doesn't mean that now nwi is on the same level as activision and ea just because we don't get what we wanted. no vote kick system, the devs are greedy bastards who only care about money. no updates, well the devs are lazy and greedy and only care about money. no report system, same reason as before, greedy and lazy. no bug fixes, lazy devs. Literally right now, most of the community is thinking: if we don't get a vote kick system or a way to report toxic players in the next week, the devs are now pieces of shits and are just in it to make money off of the game and nothing else even though there is no micro transactions and they are totally not adding in what we want because they are trying to fix their game, add new content and make the game better so the new players who have joined the community will stay and help grow this game even bigger. Yes, we totally want nwi to just make this game for the existing community that came from source and forget that nwi still wants this game to grow and have the new players to stay. Insurgency's community use to be known as a pretty good community, helping the devs out with their game, making mods that improve the game, and always kept out toxicity. now, this community has just become another cousin to csgo's community. full of toxic people, racist mic spammers, people who are just complaining about the game and not helping the devs out, being pessimistic, not helping the devs out at all, and overall being an asshole in every way. like sure we know you don't tk or mic spam but saying the devs are now ea 2.0 isn't helping much and somehow, being a piece of shit on the forums doesn't make you a toxic asshole in the community

@burntflames The community has been asking for vote kick since alpha, and NWI just flat out told them no. Every other competitive game on the market has vote kick and nobody complains. What makes this one special, exactly?

Reflective damage is a novel idea, but flawed in execution. All it really does is make fire support nigh on unusable because no matter how many times you tell people "DON'T GO TO THIS PLACE, I CALLED IN A STRAFING RUN" there will always be 2 or 3 gits who decide they're going to ignore their commander's advice. Next thing you know, the commander is lying dead on the ground because of other people's idiocy.

Not to mention it does nothing to stop the people who troll by just casually shooting their teammates without actually killing them. The troll can weaken his entire team with this annoying tactic and there won't be any consequences as long as he doesn't kill anyone. In fact, it actually disempowers the victims because after they've killed him once to make him go away, he'll just come back and do it again and now there's nothing they can do unless they want to get reflective damage.

The fact that vote kick was omitted for full release and NWI's ridiculous reasoning for its omission deserves criticism. They're basically saying that trolls, griefers, and cheaters should have more rights than legitimate, honest players.

Oh, and by the way... the devs confirmed microtransactions are coming at some point later down the line.

ok the vote kick system is really needed and i think thats 1 flaw on nwi side. the reflective damage system needs to be reworked and the mute button has to be bigger or more noticable. but as for microtransactions, they said themselves they will never add in lootboxes or microtransactions. unless you can give me the source where you found out that nwi is going to add in microtransactions, then ill belive you but heres a source where the lead game designer for sandstorm stated that no lootboxes will be added and all future content will be free.

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  1. Votekick - must have, as you told simply because, troll weakens your team and you cant do a shit to win. You loose, you are blaming people yourself, but the real reason is one person who is TK, wasting supply, damaging teammates, yelling, blocking passages etc. And dont forget about hackers. Perhaps just add different system that can replace votekick or just the number of votes needed.
  2. Reflected damage is a nice idea i like it. But for commander its sucks, again as was told youre just gonna kill yourself for no reason.
  3. First time i was playing closed alpha i was kinda intrigued and i liked where the devs going. Then early august beta, lots of bugfixes but ive got an insane fps drop, from 30-60 to 0-20 on min setts. Then september, nothing changed, same lags, impossible to play at all. On 21th december i have 30-80 fps on min setts, thats an improvment, so dont blame devs, they are working. Community became toxic, agreed, most of the people came from different arcade shooters or etc, whatever, you cant say them "behave yourself good, bitch" cuz youre just muting people, and consequences - you loose, yelling, you hear different gits do the same. Because you cant do a shit about people who is ruining your expirience. Maybe im and oldfag. But in the mean time its not a big issue, its happens to me not often (screaming schoolboys about quality of my genealogical tree). Its like steamsale in previous ins, you just expect a lot of retards. Soon things will normalize, i think.
  4. Mk 18 CQBR overpowered in competitive. Excellent rate of fire, almost no recoil(crouching?) - automatic railgun. This should be rebalanced.
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i agree with everything you said execpt the same goes with the ak-74u as well in comp

Reflected damage is a bad idea because trolls can deliberately block your view so you cant shot or jump in line of fire. It is easy to abuse. A system like in RS2V on the other hand where you can choose to forgive/not forgive a TK with the effect of delaying respawn for TK will work. This also means you can forgive ppl who apologize and was unlucky. Especially without a votekick function your team may need to deliberately TK trolls by turns to wear them out.

best way is probably a mix of csgo's way of preventing tk and the way sandstorm does it right now.
reflective damage should only apply when someone is in the spawn area and is consistantly doing team damage using a gun.there should not be an amount ofteam damage you can do during the whole game before reflection starts. instead the amount of team damage you can do before reflection should only apply when someone starts doing team damage. it resets every time he stops shooting teammates for 5 seconds or so. when the player has killed 3 teammates or has commited suicide from team damage 3 times, hes kicked from the server. and also give him a timed ban from joining any server for that gamemode or something


if all damage is reflected upon shooter and no damage is taken by being shot by teammate I can agree reflective damage could be a good thing.

Punishing two people on a team for a wrong shot or bad positioning is poor game design