End of the Championship - Results tomorrow

The Championship is now over! Winners will be announced on Steam and on the official forum tomorrow. If you think you are part of the winners,
Please add me as Friend on Steam so we can reach everyone of you to give you your prize. 🙂


Thanks for doing this.

Now, about those 'Nids...


so... did hallbreg catch up after my pc died?

@Ashardalon Last time i checked you were 4th overall and 1st imperial. Might have changed since then tho.

Yes tyranids please then I can eat tau nomnom 😆

@boss You can't eat what you can't catch 😉

@Solaire spore mine skill to corner sneaky gits

Would also be nice for some new patchs also

@Ashardalon I just played 2 games and lost one :|, so you are safe at lest from me.