I got this game the day after launch as an early xmas present and have had no real issues with playing the game besides texture streaming issues. I got about 6 hours in so far, and finally wanted to play again the day after xmas.

The game was straight up crashing after reaching the main menu. I then noticed the new update had come out.

Instead of troubleshooting too much, I went heavy handed and did a clean install of Windows on a 240GB SDD. The game was originally installed on a 2TB hard drive.

Even after clean installing Windows 7 on my old system, the game still crashes at the main menu. Other games (ArmA III, Ghost Recon Wildlands) run fine with no issues. The clean windows install and slow update of drivers and software should have cleared up the issue if it was my computers setup.

I also know I have a VERY old system. I am hanging onto this system until it dies, then will upgrade.

My Specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7 950
GPU: EVGA 780TI Classified ACX
PSU: Thermaltake 750Watt PSU with 42 Amps on 12V Rail
Drives: SanDisk 250GB SSD and Toshiba 2TB HDD (OS, Steam, and Game are on the SSD).

Here are the crash logs uploaded: Crash Logs