Discussion: Recoil and Compensation

So ive heard a lot of complaints about recoil being too low, and I honestly didnt see it for a minute. I think recoil right now is perfect, but then something hit me.

Does anyone reading this actually realize how much crouching reduces recoil?

No really, the recoil reduction from crouching is insane and makes even full-auto completely controllable when using low recoil weapons like the mk18. I feel this diminishes the tradeoff between low and higher calliber weapons, making the higher calliber weapons completely manageable. This situation of higher calliber weapons being managable gives the pvp weapon advantage over to the insurgents because even though you could full-auto with the mk18 like a laser beam, youre still gonna kill faster with an AKM, but thats discussion for another day.

Crouching shouldnt reduce recoil nearly as much as it does and in my opinion, should have similar recoil to standing. If you want nearly no recoil you can go prone because prone has other disadvantages, such as not being able to shoot while standing up and being stuck stationary.

I also feel foregrips should be looked at, perhaps foregrips can slightly increase horizontal recoil, being more of a sidegrade then a straight upgrade, as it too makes high calliber weapons into laserbeams, and the laserbeams into better laserbeams.

Edit: Compensators too, should be the opposite, slightly increasing vertical climb.

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Yah, I think overall the recoil level in the game is very good and realistic except LMGs, which are insane, but that's tangential.

I agree, the recoil reduction from crouching is too high, it feels like a nearly 75% reduction in recoil. It's causing me to move through buildings while crouched most of the time, which is a bit silly. Realistically, crouching should significantly reduce sway, but have no effect on recoil. Unless you're bracing the weapon against an object, there is nothing mechanically different about recoil control when crouched or standing. Crouching could even increase recoil, since it's possible to crouch in ways that make it more difficult to control recoil.

I disagree about foregrips and compensators. Foregrips are designed to help steady the rifle by letting you pull it in tighter to your shoulder, this helps to control it in every dimension both aiming and firing. How much they really help is debatable, there are plenty of hot-shot gunslingers who don't use them and "handstops" are all the rage now with the gucci tacticool crowd. I like foregrips because they let me keep my support wrist at a more comfortable angle.

Compensators are specifically designed to reduce muzzle climb (or even "completely eliminate it" if you believe the marketing hype - in my experience they don't, but I've also never spent $200 on a compensator). They typically direct the muzzle blast backwards to the sides at an angle and strait up, with the idea of reducing both the overall recoil impulse and muzzle climb. The primary downside to them is a louder bang and brighter muzzle flash.

From a realism standpoint I agree but from a gameplay perspective standpoint I don't agree.

Right now I think crouching reducing recoil is a good thing for gameplay for a couple reasons.

One, there are a lot of situations on rooftops with lips/sandbags and sharp downward angles where you simply can't crouch and shoot your target, this means that it's giving advantage to those players being sniped at by making it so they can't fire full auto.

Two, because crouching gives you a recoil advantage that means that it gives the advantage to the player who was in a proper position rather than the guy running and gunning into a point. I could give a little bit and say maybe the recoil compensation for crouching should not be instant, it should take a very small amount of time to impact (like half a second) to prevent people from crouching mid-firefight to full auto... but that is the current meta, and it may upset some people.

Overall I think it's a good thing, to see players who have a good position, crouching and aiming down sight get the advantage of someone who rushes into their line of sight.