Moving groups of items

Well, I'm building my first map, and go figure I built wayyyy to close to the edge of the map, rendering my one obstacle basically in the invisible wall. Is there a way to massive move many obstacles at once, or possibly extend the map size so the boundary isn't so close? It'd really suck to have to remake that whole section.

Beginners mistakkeeee

@articzap, Go into the editor folder, then media/prebuild and open the .xml for the map. At the very top there will be something like this;

<Terrain NumBlocksX="64" NumBlocksZ="64" />

First, save a copy of the map.xml somewhere just in case.
And you may wanna close the editor but I dunno if it's necessary or not.
Then, change the "64" to something larger and save it.
Now open the map back up and rebuild the terrain.
The map should be bigger with a new section all around the edge of what you made already.

Bearing in mind that maps larger than 64 blocks/1024m square (32x32 since the editor doubles it) will require STMod in order to function properly. 🙂

@mexican_420, I tried it without stmod and it worked but the lighting was a bit wrong. But I doubled the size of the map I used and only part of the edge was lit wrong. So I'm guessing if he goes only a bit larger, like maybe 66 or 68, it should be fine as he only wanted to get his work off the edge.

But he may need to make it a sub-division of 4. I think it needs to be that but not sure.

Well shit learn something new every day, I never knew that Tat, I was gonna comment and say no it wasn't possible lol

I'll try this when I get home. Thanks everyone

I tried as suggested to increase the block size. The map is small at 16x16. Went to 20x20 and 24x24, both resulting in this error. Any thoughts from anyone?


@articzap, Sorry man, I dunno. I tried it once and it worked.