short distance shooting needs serious fixes

Right now, if you walk (M4A1 here) and spot the enemy right in front of you (i.e around the corner), you can shoot as much as you like, but it needs like 10 shots to kill him (comparing to ~3 with aiming), even in REAL LIFE, from this distance there's no way to miss a shot.
This game however doesn't allow you to kill enemy from short distance without aiming the weapon with same amount of bullets. (or it does it at random)
This is simply silly for a game focused so much on realism.

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Not true. You just need more hip firing practise.

Deadzones dude. Take note of them and try not to shake your mouse under pressure.

guys....I asked for link to ACTUAL explanations (official would be best), not some theory.
Thank you for worrying about my mental health, though 😉

I did some trial on the tutorial round and if I aim for the enemy, then put the scope away (not moving mouse, but turning aim off) the gun doesn't always hit. This shouldn't happen I think, but MAYBE there is something somewhere explained why it works that way.

My guess this is affecting the bullet flight in close combat (which should not happen) same way as it does on the long range (which should normally not happen, but maybe there's some logic behind this and which I'd like to understand).

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