Herro from SMILEY


Only add me if you have a working mic and can deal with:

  • Light banter. Nothing serious, just joke around.

  • Going slow and moving together - NO run n gun or rushing every objective. Take it easy and relax. If you are into rushing everything, move along!

  • Working as a team to cover each other. Learn to cover different point and not look at the same one! So many people fail at this and when someone is covering a counter point, they follow and go to the same vs watching our "6."

  • Can get yourself organized to jump together. I like jumping as a group that way we know we all like to roll easy and win while having fun. Really annoying when people say "add me to the group:" then go AFK or I leave my current mission to add them and jump together then during the middle of hte mission they have to go; process repeats again. Either jump together or play with someone else...

  • Using your communication effectively. If you know there are enemies near me, help me out and give me intel.

  • Do what you say you'll do. If you say you'll cover me, then DO it. Don't say "I'll cover you" then run off like a kid chasing a squirrel then suddenly I get shot in the back.

  • Can you work as a team???