Good Lawwd you made the trucks some stupid to steer in this version. I don’t remember them being quite as broken before. I can assure you I could drive a small pick up truck when I was a toddler much better than my “soldier” can in this game.. Smfh it’s really brutal guys ffs let’s be real.

Speaking of Sandstorm vehicles.... just what does the game provide?

As you all know... the PS4 Battlefield games give the players just about everything they want to drive or fly. I'm a Battlefield pilot and would like to see jets and helicopters in Sandstorm. Will Sandstorm give us these??

It's a game about fireteam level CQB, not combined arms battle. May I suggest ArmA ? Or maybe DCS...

Vehicle physics is non-existent at this moment.
They drive in an absolutely digital manner. It can accelerate, it can brake and it can steer, that's it. And it's doing those at hyperspeed levels which is why it's twitchy at the moment.
What it needs is a slowly turning steering wheel, much less grip, suspension physics and no more bulletproof glass. Hell no more bulletproof doors, because a fucking 9mm can go through both of your doors irl.
I can understand the MG having a bulletproof metal shield, but car doors are not bulletproof in any way. Especially not for ARs.