Hello guys, i am a community leader for 13 years and i would like to point out to NWI the serious issues conserning the game:

*Xp points, pls give XP points to dedi servers that follow a certain config... There are 6600 players and only a few servers active:

0_1546062083667_servers 6600 players.jpg ![alt text](image url)

strange, no reaction...the steam forums are screaming about it though

I think its a known delay that dedicated server takes time to change map, if specially its on harddisk while user loads it faster while they are on ssd.

my server has ssd's , if its known, then it should be fixed

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Hello all,

Sorry for the late response due to holiday period. Thank you for giving us a heads up regarding this issue. The team is currently aware of it.

thats a big relief, thanks